I don’t know why other people travel. Maybe it’s just an opportunity for them to do something different. Or just a short break from work. Maybe some people want to spend their time and money on something cool. Or maybe, because they want to show off in front of their friends by visiting an exotic destination. There are so many reasons for travel that I’ve heard about.

But, the reason I love to travel is not mentioned above.

why i love to travel so much

I don’t want to show off by traveling, I don’t want to create the perfect image of myself of a person who just likes to spend the time and money on travels. And, definitely, I don’t travel because it’s easy. At least, not for me. Sometimes, I make so much effort to just do it and I give up on many material things for a vacation.

I love to travel because this is something that really makes me happy. I know this word may sound a cliché. But, this is how happiness looks like for me at the moment.

I love to go and see new places, different people and discover amazing cultures. I like when I walk for hours on the streets I’ve never been before, try new food, hear other language even if I don’t understand it and face with the unknown.

Traveling is making me more curious about life, wanting to learn more about other people and their way of living.  It makes me want to understand other perspectives. It’s making me a better person with an open-minded vision. It puts a smile on my face. It’s giving me energy. It gives me the freedom to be myself and transforms me in a story teller. It makes me forget that life doesn’t have to always be just work or routine.

why i love to travel so much

And the great part is that it became addictive. So, I guess, it is the kind of addiction you never want to give up on.

I have so many things to learn about travel that I can’t even imagine. But in the same time, I want to enjoy every journey I take and create memories. Those ones I couldn’t forget so easy.

Because, in the end, these are the memories I will remain with: the things that really made me happy.

Why do you travel?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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