Street Art

What could this page be about?

Well…as the title says, it’s about street art. I bet everyone has heard about it. I just thought I could also write about this visual art. Street art is the artwork created in public locations like: buildings, streets, and other publicly or viewed surfaces.

People from all the over the world create it for many purposes. Sometimes this is created to make a public statement about the politics or social life. Sometimes this is just personal artwork. Many times the artist loves the risk associated with installing illicit artwork in public places. No matter what is the reason, I just love it. And I take photos of it. Then I share my pictures with you.

On the left you have a picture with me freezing in Cluj-Napoca. And a street art. Just behind me. On that beautiful trolley.

So here is my gallery with the most amazing artworks I’ve seen on the street. Enjoy!