This summer I chose to spend one week in Samos, a beautiful small island from Greece.

There are a loooot of Greek islands and it’s difficult to pick one, so we went there because of the cheapest flight and no regret at all about the decision.

Samos is very close to the Turkey coasts, has about 43 km (27 mi) long and 13 km (8 mi) wide. You can imagine there was enough time to see more of its beauty in just one week.

To explore the most important cities and most exotic beaches, we’ve rented a motor-beast, a 50 cc scooter, ta daaaahh!

With the super speed of 30-40 km/hour, we could see the overwhelming surrounding, known as well as home of Hera and the island of Pythagoras.

Because we’ve rented the scooter for 3 days, we’ve paid 13 €/day instead of 15 . The gas was about 15 for the whole period for 200 km (125 mi), so it was really convenient for us, but also adventurous.

What you can do in Samos

  1. Go see the beaches and OMG they are so many, so feel free to explore them. Don’t expect to see sandy beaches because most of them are pebbled. The water is wonderful still, super clear and nice to swim in all day long. I’ve been visiting Potami, Tsamadou Beach (half of it is nude beach, so don’t worry if you forget your bikini), Potokaki (very close to the airport and you get the chance to see the airplanes taking off), Psili Amos (sandy and perfect for families, as the water isn’t deep), Kokkari beach, Karlovassi and Heraion (where we actually had our accommodation).

You can envy me by checking some of my pictures below :

2. Visit the biggest villages of the island and I can recommend Samos (the capital of the island), also called Vathy, the exotic Kokkari, Karlovassi or Pythagorion (very beautiful as it’s built around a port).

3. Greece is very rich when it comes to churches and you can’t miss them.  Check out some of their nice churches below:

4. Try their delicious food as Greece has a lot to offer, especially if you’re a fan of seafood.

I honestly don’t eat fish, but i had other choices. This is what I’ve tried and loved :



5. Go to the Waterfalls in Potami! Sorry, no, actually there is a fucking canyon!

I don’t know what you expect when you hear about waterfalls, but I honestly imagined something very easy to reach. I already imagine myself to go there to be sexy and take pictures while the water was falling all over me,

This was wrong and I didn’t see any of the waterfalls because of the difficult way through.

At first it doesn’t look like, as you go through an open forest until you reach a very small river. Then, it comes the difficult part where you must choose how to arrive to the waterfalls: you go up on some wooden stairs and believe me, they are not stable at all or you go through the ice cold water and see the small waterfall.

We chose the first option, so we went up on those wooden stairs. Then we went through the canyon in the cold water and try to find out the big waterfall, but we came back as we were not prepared for this challenge.

We’ve also tried to see the small one by climbing down on a rope. Failed again! So, we’ve come back again as the water was too deep to go in with our luggage.

Apparently, there are 2 beautiful waterfalls, but none of it it’s easy to discover.

There is nothing there to inform the tourists that the way to the waterfalls is not easy at all, so prepare yourself for a long canyon, not some nice waterfalls just right over the corner.

I want to mention that the way through the canyon isn’t for everyone, especially without equipment. With all this, we had a nice adventure, a long, cold wallow and we enjoyed the view which is amazing 🙂

I totally recommend the island if you’re looking for something more quiet and relaxing. If you’re more into nightlife, clubbing and parties, you might get bored there,

Good news for Deutch people: there are a lot of them there and it seems that everyone in Samos speaks german!

Thanks for reading !










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