When you create your own blog, one of the most difficult things is to choose the topic for the first article.

You know what your blog is about and even if you have million ideas, you keep asking yourself many questions. What should be my first article about and how long, what would be my writing style, how can I pick up the most relevant pictures…and so on.

So, I’ve decided to write my first article about “how to start a blog”.

There are some basic steps for everyone : you choose a theme (the word press ones are friendly to use). Then, you pick a name for your site (try to be original and pick one that represents you) and a hosting.

The theme is the styling appearance and the hosting is the storage space and access of a website.

I didn’t hear about all this until few months ago when I’ve decided to have my own blog. At that point, I started to read other traveling blogs and learn more about how to start it.

I also google it, the easy way to achieve new information.

Damn, there are so many things to amend after that, like the appearance of your blog. You need to work on: design, typography, menu, colors, logo, because you want your blog to look good, don’t you?

In the end, the real challenge is to write down your words. The inspiration comes out with the first words. Personally, I’m still thinking about my first real article.

In fact, I already have an idea, so if you’re curious, please check the next post and tell me if it’s a good choice after all.

Thanks for reading my first article 🙂



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