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Romania it’s not the perfect country, but it has its beauty and places that are worth to be explored and known abroad. So, through my articles, I’m trying to show you the good part of this country and what areas you could explore if you’ll ever think to visit it.

Either you’re looking to have fun, to go hiking, to go to the beach or just explore some traditional areas, Romania may be your perfect choice. I hope my articles will help you choose this destination for your next vacation :) You have plenty of things to see and discover!

Don’t forget these words: mamaliga, colinde, ie.

my first hike on fagaras mountains
I finally had my first real hike on Fagaras Mountains. Why now? Honestly, because I wasn’t so interested in such activity before and also because no one invited me to do this so far. I don’t know how I accepted this, but I guess it was just another goal for me. Or, seems like, someone just knew how to fool me. I must...
Euro basket cluj-napoca
Cluj-Napoca is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Romania. Situated in the well known region Transylvania, Cluj has always been on my travel destinations list. I've visited Cluj in January, just few days after the New Year, so for me it was a nice way to start my 2017. Winters in Romania are severe and travelling in January it's...