Hungary was a very nice surprise from so many points of view: culture, history, development and infrastructure. All these, comparing to Romania, of course. The grass is definitely, greener on the other side and yes, it’s pretty obvious, that this city hasn’t been under communism. The whole image of Budapest ( the city that I visited) and pretty sure of the whole country is much different than we expect.

Most of the time, we expect to see kind of the same thing in the neighbor countries, but not the case with Hungary and Romania. There is a contrast.

I had such a nice time there and yes, Budapest can become one of the favorites cities in Europe for many people. For this reason, I would encourage you to visit it, even if there are plenty of tourists there and this aspect can be overwhelming sometimes.

You have nice buildings to admire, good food to try and plenty of traditional baths to spend your days in.

Have fun!

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