About me

about me at Castle Clay

Hey there! Welcome to my world, Mary Mack’s World!

After reading the about me section on other blogs, I still believe that this is the hardest part when you have a blog: to talk about yourself.

But to simplify it, I’m gonna introduce myself: I’m Maria, the girl behind this blog. I’m a starter when it comes to writing, but an ambitious person who always wants to become better. Don’t judge if my articles don’t reach your expectations…YET!

I still have a bunch of things to learn and improve on my blog, but I promised myself it would happen.

I love to spend my energy and time working on my blog. If I think about my dream job, I think traveling and writing about it, would definitely be the one.

My personal favorite quote: I can’t die if I don’t see the world! So here is my plan: I don’t want to work on a 9 to 17 schedule my whole life, but to chase my dream and travel as much as possible. Sounds awesome right?

Awesome, but impossible for many people. Not for me. Because I believe in a dream, in myself and I know that life is worth living exactly as you imagined.
I hope to inspire you to do the same with your dreams no matter what they are or how “impossible” may sound it right now.

Why Mary Mack?

Well, I never liked social media, as I thought you don’t have any privacy if you put your name and all your personal information there. So I picked something close to my name and I found Mary Mack for my personal Facebook page.

My friends already knew my nickname and then I thought that I could use it also for my blog and create a whole world around it.

In case you didn’t know, Mary Mack is also the clapping game, that we all used to play when we were kids. This is another reason why I picked this name, to always remember that I still act like a child sometimes.

I hope to make from Mary Mack’s world a nice place where where you can get traveling tips, explore new places and get to know different cultures. Whatever is your occupation, travel the world, it will make you richer!

Thanks for reading it ­čÖé