I love my country for many reasons but, I know there are still a lot of things that people don’t know yet about Romania. Through my blog, I would like to show to other people the beautiful sides of this country and determine them to visit it more often. So, today, I’m writing about 20 things you didn’t know about Romania and its people:

  1. In Romania you can visit the second largest administrative building in the WORLD: The Palace of Parliament. This beauty, considered the most ambitious urban plan of the communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, has about 365,000 square meters (3,930,000 sq ft). It is the heaviest building in the world and an impressive institution that you can’t miss if you visit Bucharest.the palace of parliament
  2. Speaking about Bucharest…this is the capital of Romania, not Sofia 🙂
  3. Bucharest is not just a big city, but the perfect place for you to visit museums, natural parks or enjoy its fantastic nightlife.
  1. Romania is well known as the area “carpato-danubiano-pontica”, due to its major geographical landmarks: The Carpathians Mountains at the center, the Danube Delta and the Black Sea at the east. Depending on your what you’re looking for, you can always find something to do here.
  2. Even if Romania may not be one of the most developed countries, we rock when it comes to the internet connection. We have an amazing 4G network.
  3. We also have one of the largest population of brown bears in Europe.
  4. The narrowest street in Europe is in Romania (Brasov, Strada Sforii/The Rope Street).
  5.  Romania is part of NATO since 2004 and also of the European Union since 2007.
  1. When it comes to Romanians: we like to drink, have fun and swear with almost any word that comes into our head:

your mother’s onions=damn you!

what my chickens=what the hell?

walk the bear=go away/fuck off!

  1. The Romani and the Romanians are not the same. The term “rom” has no connection with Romanian. The Romani (known also as gypsies) are about 10% of the population of Romania.
  2. The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”
  3. Romanians do know English, especially in the big cities like: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov.
  4. Romanian people love to eat meat: sarmale, slanina, carnati, but you can also find anything you need if you’re a vegetarian.
  5. We like to celebrate with almost any occasion: baptism, wedding, birthdays, name days, the birth of a baby, the first haircut to a baby, when someone special comes to visit, moving into a new house or just because.
  6. We offer money to weddings or baptism. Depending on the area, you can also offer gifts for the new married couple, usually something useful to furnish the new house.
  7. In Romania, you are into debt for someone who has already came to your wedding. If you’re getting married, you should normally participate back to one big event of each person who came to your wedding. In case you can’t go, it would be nice, to send a nice envelope J Closest friends and family shouldn’t be included here.
  8. We are unsatisfied with our Government and we go in the street to protest pretty often, mostly in the winter (don’t ask why).
  9. Sometimes Romanians speak with their shoulders/head: no (moving the neck side to side), yes (moving it back and forth), I don’t know (shrugging the shoulders), so pay attention.
  10. We are no very proud of our roads.
  11. Neither of our Health Care System.

Romania is not perfect, neither are the people, but I’m sure no country in this world is. We have our downsides, but also our beauties, so why not coming here and convince yourself if I’m right?

Thanks for reading!



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