My year 2017 was a good one for me for many personal reasons.

But the most important thing is that I traveled more than in the previous years. I’ve seen two new countries (one outside Europe) and so many new places in Romania.

When I didn’t travel, I tried to go out in new pubs, cafes or restaurants, which was still doing something new, then the ordinary daily routine.

So here is where I traveled in 2017:


My first visit in one of the biggest cities in Romania: Cluj-Napoca. Even if it was very, very cold, I loved the city. If you want to know what to visit and what to do in Cluj in a couple of days, click here.


A short visit to one of my girlfriends in Geneve, Italy. Second visit in the city and I still believe it is an amazing one, worth to see. I’m working on the article about what to visit in Geneve and its surroundings.

my year 2017

my year 2017


The beautiful travel to Morocco, Marrakech. It was my first time traveling to Africa and it was definitely, the travel of the year. If you want to see how it was, check out my articles here. Having few hours between the flights, I could could also see the center of Milan.


A beautiful weekend visiting Brasov (my second favorite city from Romania) and Rasnov. I’ve visited Poiana Brasov, the Citadel Rasnov, the Dino Park and the protected natural area Valea Cetatii (Cave Valley).


I’ve spend 5 amazing days in Bucovina, one of the most attractive and visited area in Romania. Here you can make a tour of all of the painted monasteries, admire the stunning nature and learn more about our tradition, history and culture.


The first visit in Greece.  I’ve spend a week in Samos, one of the smallest islands in Greece, but I was super excited about it and I definitely, want to see many of them. Here you can find out more about my trip to Samos.


I was on a nice hike for few hours on Bucegi mountains and slept in a tent just close to a river. The fresh air, the quiet and the landscapes really helped me to forget about the busy life in the city.


I went on Transalpina, the highest tourist road in Romania. It is a popular route for motor lovers as there are a lot of serpentine on the highway. On top of the road, there is no way you can’t get in love with the view of the nature.

After Transalpina, I went to Hunedoara, a small and pretty sad city, from my point of view. Although, it’s worth to drive the way up, just to visit the beautiful Corvin Castle.


Visiting Rucar and for the first time, the Bran Castle in Transylvania, known as Dracula’s Castle, linked to the legend of the character Dracula.

my year 2017


Going for a real hike in Fagaras mountains. I loved so much the experience and I would really want to do it again. I’ve wrote about this experience on my blog and you can read it here.

I’m very pleased that I could get to know more of my beautiful country, but also going abroad. Traveling doesn’t mean for me, to just getting to know other countries, but also getting to know the culture and the places of my own country. I’ve discovered so many beautiful places I could never imagined they even exist so close to me.

In 2018 I hope to see Timisoara(another big city in Romania), Sighisoara, Maramures area and Danube Delta. Regarding going abroad, I’m setting a goal of visiting at least 3 new countries. Cross fingers for my 2018 travels.

That was my beautiful year 2017, how was yours?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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