Hey! Hello! Hi there! Yes I know, I’ve been in Puglia this year and I have written only two articles about it. If you didn’t check them out yet, click here. Well, I knew that there are still so many things to tell you about this vacation. I owed you this article about the best beaches in Puglia, so here you have it.

We all know that Italy is a wonderful country and you go there either if you’re interested in history, night life, mountain views or seaside, you can have them all.

It was my first time going to the South of Italy and let me tell you my friend that Puglia is mooooore then beautiful! It has wonderful beaches, an amazing clear blue water sea, tasty food, beautiful cities and nice people!

To make my introduction as short as possible, here you have a list with the best beaches in the area:
  1. La Torre Incina: This is one of the wildest beaches in Monopoli, far away from the typical busy beaches. Although, yes it can get crowded in the weekend, but it’s not one of the beaches you’re used to. For my taste, I must say that this beach it’s a little bit too rocky and stony. Though, the water is amazing. Here you will definitely need the beach shoes. I used them also in Greece, click here to get to know more about it. La Torre Incina
    La Torre Incina
  2. There are several beaches close to Bari, to which you can get by feet: Mood Beach (not my type at all) as it was all rocky and very hard to go in the water or Pane e Pomodoro- a sandy beach, but very crowded as this is very close to the city. Not bad at all, there are a lot of families with tables and umbrellas for the beach and spend the whole day there, so it seems to be perfect for families, especially with children. The water is not so deep and you can easily keep an eye on them.
  3. Monopoli is one of the best cities in Puglia and besides that, it has some of the greatest beaches. One of my favorites it’s called The Black Pearl (La Perla Nera) and it looks like this:    The beach is perfect for snorkeling, the underwater is sandy and the view is just perfect. Although, if you’re not in the mood to go into the sea, there is also a terrace with sunbeds where you can enjoy a good/refreshing cocktail. 
  4. San Foca is another city with some of the most beautiful beaches. Here I could find an entire sandy beach just for ourselves. But I will let the pictures  speak for me. I honestly don’t know the name of this as there are too many beaches one after another, but I’m sure you will find one on your taste.San Foca beach
  5. Soooo I kept the cherry on the cake at the end: one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world. It’s located very close to the city Otranto and it’s called la Grotta della Poesia (the Poetry Cave) and without doubt, it can impress you. It is so fun to make some jumps or just swim in this clear beautiful water.

I’m pretty sure that there are still a lot of beaches undiscovered by me yet, but feel free to explore Puglia and find what’s suitable for you. No matter what you find, there are so many options to just lie at the sun and do nothing or get your ass out of the beach, go in the water, do some snorkeling and meet the underwater marine life.

If you’ve been there, please comment what other beaches have you seen in Puglia!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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