I was recently talking with someone about visiting Puglia and how much I enjoyed this vacation in 2018. She was also excited about going to Puglia next month, so I shared with her my tips on what to see there. If you didn’t read my articles yet, you can click here.

Although, I realized that most beautiful pictures taken there were never posted on my blog. And, this is what I would like to do today, to show you more of the beauty from this area.

I  believe that Puglia could be the perfect holiday destination for families, couples or even single travelers. Puglia seems to be safe, is exotic, with plenty of things to see and do.  You will also learn so much about the
Southern culture of Italy, that is quite different then the Northern one.

I took many pictures on the street, at the beach or to random, but nice corners. Unfortunately, they were never published. But there you have them. And, I hope these photos will convince you that this may be the perfect destination for your next vacation.

I would have nothing more to say besides loving so much this area and I’m sure it can’t disappoint you if you choose to travel there. Now, enjoy watching these images!

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Thanks, M.



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