I have visited before the North Italy, but this summer I chose to go to Puglia.

I’ve flight directly to Bari, one of the biggest cities in Puglia where I’ve stayed for 4 nights. Here we’ve rented a car to get the chance to visit many other locations in the area. For the other 3 nights we’ve moved on to the historical and beautiful Lecce, The Florence of the South.

7 cities, 800 km road trip, a lot of sun, amazing water and unique beaches, this is how I would describe the whole trip.

So, if you wander what you could visit in Puglia, here is my own list:


It is a port city and the second most important city of the Southern Italy’s region.

Here you have anything you want: fun, easy access to beaches and history.

I encourage you to visit the two big symbols of the city: The church Saint Nicholas and the

National Archaeological Museum.

Take a walk in the port, walk on the small streets of Bari and enjoy the architecture of the buildings as this city has a lot to offer.

The Zoo Safari in Fasano

If you have kids, this is the perfect activity for one entire day. You can have fun in the huge amusement park, you can watch the shows with the seals or walk with your own can through lions and giraffes.


This is the one of the most special cities that I’ve ever visited so far. All the houses seems to be made of gingerbread, so you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Here is where I’ve tried for the first time pasticciotto, one of the best desserts ever. But, I will write soon another article about the local food.

Ostuni- the white city or la citta bianca!

Apparently, the region around Ostuni has been inhabited since the Stone age. I don’t know if it has always been so beautiful, but now, I’m telling you, it’s a pleasure to walk on the small streets of Ostuni.


It is one of the most beautiful coastal town in Puglia. The whole road to Otranto is close to the sea, so you can imagine what a view you get to see!


I’ve been here only for a couple of hours and I had the chance to admire one of the most beautiful port in Puglia.


No, it’s not the board game, but one of the cities you shouldn’t miss in Puglia. Besides the most quiet and most fancy streets in Puglia, Monopoli has some of the most amazing beaches in the area.

Lecce,The Florence of the South

I’ve fallen totally in love with this city. I’ve been so lucky to join to some concerts, I’ve seen the most opulent churches in Puglia and admired the most beautiful architecture.

Don’t forget to visit Basilica Santa Croce, the Roman Amphitheatre of Lecce, Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Sant’Oronzo, Porta Napoli, The Park of Lecce. 

Even if it’s at the end of the list, this would be my first recommendation in Puglia!

There is so much more to tell about this vacation, but there are few more articles coming soon.  For now, this is my list on what you can visit in Puglia.

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