I finally had my first real hike on Fagaras Mountains.

Why now?

Honestly, because I wasn’t so interested in such activity before and also because no one invited me to do this so far.

I don’t know how I accepted this, but I guess it was just another goal for me. Or, seems like, someone just knew how to fool me.

I must say that everything was a real challenge for my first hike: from choosing the perfect shoes and clothes, to organizing my backpack.

The destination was Barcaciu Chalet, from Fagaras Mountains and we stayed there for 2 nights.

To arrive at Barcaciu, I had to walk for about 3 hours on a forest trail. The road was very steep and foggy. I was carrying for my first time a backpack with water, snacks and some clothes.

I’m lying actually, I didn’t have any food. I was treated with kid gloves on carrying things.

And still, I had all the reasons to whine: my legs and back were sore, I was hungry, it was either too cold or too hot, it was raining and the backpack seemed to be more and more heavy.

In the end, I guess I’ve just got used to all these, forgot about the pain and enjoyed the adventure.

I walked for 3 hours through the forest in the first day and the next one, I’ve walked again for about three and half hours through the snow. I’ve reached the altitude of 2000 meters (6561 feet). Very proud about it, by the way.

My conclusion after my first hike on a mountain?

You forget about the long road when you’ll find yourself on top of the world admiring the beautiful nature.

The landscape was amazing and I knew I don’t get to see this every day.

I’ve forgot about work, stress or other problems. I’ve just been there with positive thoughts, relaxing and enjoying the view.

The Chalet, not really my type of comfort. But, honestly, you have there what it takes: good food and a bed to sleep. You don’t need anything else, because  you are surrounded there by other things that matter. So, go out and explore the nature.

I will show you the Barcaciu Chalet through the drawings made by the people that went there.

selfie on my real first hike

If you go there, don’t expect anything. It’s just like any other visit in a new country with a totally different culture. Probably, you will never know what you get or how impressed you may be. Just be curious.

In the end, you will come back excited about this accomplishment, just like me.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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