Last week I had my first flights with Aegean and Olympic Airlines, members of Star Alliance (they are very proud about this so I had to mention it) and I really enjoyed the experience.

Why so excited?

Well….firstly, because I got my first brunch for free!

Maybe it’s not a big deal for you, but I’m very happy when I get free food and on top of that, I never received a glass of water for free.

I remember being sick when flying with a low cost airline few months ago and the flight attendant informed me before that I have to pay before, if I’d needed some water.

I know this is the policy with the low cost airlines, so I won’t be mad about this.

Well…now if you imagine my free brunch something like: champagne, caviar and fresh fruits, let me disappoint you. Actually it was a sandwich, some biscuits, coffee, tea and fresh drinks.

This…and still excited? Hell yes, because this is only the start of my long journey in getting to know other airlines and receiving free meals.

The fancy brunch with caviar it’s coming soon…I can feel it.

Besides that, the flight attendants were very nice.

Oh…and I also want to mention that on our way home, one of the flights was one hour delayed. For this, they offered a one way free ticket for any destination of these two companies.

I have one year to decide where to use the voucher, so can’t wait to be on their board again!

Nice flight, happy child 🙂

Thanks for reading




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