I didn’t travel to many cities or countries so far, but honestly, I traveled to few destinations that I could only dream about, a few years ago. So, today I’m writing about my favorite destination out of 7 countries visited so far. Today, I’m telling you why Istanbul became my favorite city in the world.

I don’t know for sure what fascinated me that much in this city, but its vibe, energy, food, culture or its people, is something that you can hardly forget.

I’ve been there for 5 days and I couldn’t get bored at all. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit the whole city as this place is huge! Imagine this: a peninsula between two continents, with 15 million people and more then 3000 mosques. It’s a total beauty and it’s one of the places where I would come back anytime.

If you’ll ever get to travel there, I think you will know what I’m talking about and why Istanbul meant so much for me.

As mentioned here, I expected Istanbul to be something like Marrakech, but that’s not the case. They are both beautiful, but each one in an unique way. Istanbul is one of the most well developed city that I’ve been to, with an amazing infrastructure, amazing food and great nightlife.

I also believe that a city close to the water can’t ever get boring. There are so many things to do and see, so many great cafes and restaurants, so many great museums, parks and bazaars to go to. Rather then this, whenever you want to go to another continent, you just need to take a boat and you’ll be there in 20 minutes. And believe me, this tour on the boat, admiring the whole city and listening to the seagulls, it’s truly making your day better.

Besides that, if you’re a cat lover, here you will meet a lot of them on the streets. And…honestly, these are the fattest cats that I’ve ever seen.

I would truly love to come back again, but until then, I will just admire the best memories that I could make there: my pictures. And now I share them with you.

If you want to see what to visit or what food you shouldn’t miss, click here.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos! 🙂

Metro stations

metro station in IstanbulMuseums

Hagia Sophia Blue Mosque Grand Bazaar Passing to Asia by boat Shops, cafes and restaurants

Views from the city



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