Hotel rooms around the world

This is one of the Pages that I always wanted to share with you here on my blog: a full gallery photos with all the hotel rooms that I’ve been staying in while traveling.

You will see that most of them are pretty basic, not fancy at all, but for me, every room is the start of an adventure in a new destination. The main idea isn’t to stay in a nice hotel, but to visit as much as possible (in fact, I can’t afford to stay in a luxury accommodation, or just not yet).

Some rooms were perfect for what I needed, some of them, were not so great. I also had few unpleasant experiences: ants in the Riad of Morocco, dirty apartment in Bari, a communist hotel in Hunedoara with the worst breakfast ever and a super small room in Istanbul.

Although, thinking about it, I can only say that all these rooms have offered me different experiences in other cities or countries, with all the good or bad things.

I hope you’ll enjoy this part of Mary Mack’s World 🙂 and follow this adventure for even more pictures!