Visiting Israel, the country of contrasts, with old and modern cities, with good energy and great people. I have so much to say about this country in these articles. You should expect history in Jerusalem, but also modernism and sky towers in Tel Aviv. The people are so friendly and if you speak English, you’re all good and safe, even if you don’t speak Hebrew or have a travel guide.The main surprise for me was to notice how expensive is this country. It is actually, one of the most expensive destinations that I’ve ever been to.

Tel Aviv is the city of fun with parties on the beach, museums, major streets, big parks and great malls for shopping.

When it comes to Jerusalem, the holy land, the energy is different. Here, you are chasing events from the past, history or yo own faith. Even if you’re religious or not, visiting Jerusalem may be one of your curiosities in life. Just to see where the most famous story took place.

Visiting Israel was for me, another chance to open my mind to a such a different culture and country. It is also, a new opportunity to say a story about it and share it with you, the one who may want to go there and never had the chance yet. Enjoy!

Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world, is probably, the destination on everyone's bucket list. Even if you're religious or not, this city is a curiosity for most of us. You may want to go there and see with your own eyes where the most famous story "happened". You may have an...
travel guide to tel aviv
Ok, so you have decided to travel to Tel Aviv, good for you! You won't regret it! Tel Aviv is a big city,  with a nice vibe and plenty of great places to see. I know that this Travel Guide may not be new to you, as there are so many applications and sites where you can...
Beach in Tel Aviv
Observ ca eu n-am inceput sa calatoresc in tarile sigure, ci m-am aruncat catre unele dintre cele mai speciale, din punct de vedere al sigurantei. Recunosc, imi si place aventura, dar mai ales tarile cu o cultura diferita fata de ceea ce vad in Europa. Am fost in Maroc, Turcia, iar anul asta am ajuns in Israel....
Promenade of Tel Aviv,Israel
Am ajuns in Tel Aviv pe 28 Decembrie de Shabbat. Nu am nimerit tocmai bine, pentru ca de Shabbat, totul este inchis in Israel : de la magazine pana la mijlocul de transport in comun. Este "duminica" israelienilor, ziua lor de odihna, in care nu prea fac altceva, decat sa petreaca timp acasa cu familiile. Dar e...

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