I don’t consider Ukraine an impressive country but, in the same time, I encourage you to visit it. In the end, you will consider it an experience worth to have.

It is a huge country, but, from my point of view, the roads, the cars and the buildings are pretty bad and much older then expected. When you walk on certain streets, you will have the impression that they are just left out. At least, this is how I felt in Odessa.

You will notice as well that design of Old Soviet Union and the people may not seem very happy. Instead, the people in restaurants are super nice.

I was in Ukraine for just one day, but I bet there are a lot of things to see and discover, so who knows? Maybe I’ll come back someday.


Ukraine, Odessa
Daca iti place sa calatoresti cu masina, sau iti este mai comod, probabil, cel mai "la indemana" este sa incepi cu tarile vecine. Eu, personal, prefer avionul, dar nu as spune nu, nici unei aventuri cu masina. Asa ca in Ucraina, am plecat cu masina. Ucraina stiu ca pare aproape, dar nu e chiar asa la o aruncatura de bat....
Ukraine, Odessa
For a traveler, going somewhere, even for 24 hours, means a lot. So, we’ve decided last weekend to escape to one of Romania's neighbors: Ukraine, Odessa. We wanted to go by car, so we’ve been on the road for 10 hours and a half one way and 9 hours and a half to return, for just one day to visit...