Visiting North Macedonia was not on my future travels list. But, somehow, I decided to spend the Easter Holiday in Skopje. This country may become one of your nicest surprises, especially if you don’t have great expectations. North Macedonia I think exceeded my expectations in terms of people, places to visit, nature, landscapes, food and super important for a traveler: prices.

You have nothing to lose to give it a try, but on the contrary. You may notice that most “little” places have the most to offer.

And they have statues! A lot of them, check my articles for more :)

I don't know how many cities I visited so far, but I know this: I never saw as  many statues as there are in Skopje. That's the reason why I'm calling Skopje in this article: the city of statues! These figures are all around the city and their number is unknown. There is also...
The statue of Iustinian I, the Emperor
If Skopje in North Macedonia is on your future travels list, good for you. If not, maybe this article will change your mind as here, I'm talking about the main attractions in Skopje. Skopje is definitely, not a big city, but an opulent one. Once you step under the Macedonian Gate, you will feel...
The stone bridge at sunset in Skopje North Macedonia
Many and many people have started to travel all around the world. And there are a lot of places that everyone wants to see: Cote D'Azure, Cinque Terre, New York, Tokyo, Tenerife, etc. So, you hear people talking so often about the same destinations. My questions now are....What happens...

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