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Greece, one of the oldest countries, full of history and art, famous for its beautiful islands, should be on everyone’s travels list.

You should go, at least once in your life in Greece and taste the amazing food, meet the locals, drink their wine and spoil yourself on a beautiful beach with fine sand.

No matter what are you looking for: adventure, fun, night life, nature, good food, good prices, there is place for everyone. This place is perfect either you want to go with your family for a relaxing holiday or your group of friends for amazing fun!

I’ve been just once in Greece, but my travels there won’t stop here as I have so much more to explore there. No matter where I’ll go, you will always find my stories here on the blog, enjoy! :)

10 Things to know about Greece
I always heard my friends traveling in Greece on summer, but I didn't get the chance to go there until this year. Even if I visited only one of their islands, I'm sure that Greece has a lot more to offer. My trip was short, but I thought I should give you few tips that may help you if you're...
potami beach
This summer I chose to spend one week in Samos, a beautiful small island from Greece. There are a loooot of Greek islands and it's difficult to pick one, so we went there because of the cheapest flight and no regret at all about the decision. Samos is very close to the Turkey coasts, has about 43 km (27 mi) long and 13 km...