I planned to travel to Croatia about 2 years ago and believe me, it was a well expected destination. Besides Italy, this is the country that I could visit the most having a 2 weeks vacation. We started our trip with it’s capital Zagreb and went all the way down to Dubrovnik.

I had some new experiences in Croatia which I so much enjoyed: staying in a camping, visiting the Plitvice Natural Parks, meeting new people from Germany and take a boat tour. Which, obliviously, I will write some nice articles about, so stay tuned for more.

Croatia is great for families, for couples, for single travelers. It’s perfect for the ones interested in history, nightlife or chilling in the nature.

So, follow me through my articles and let me show you why Croatia should be one of next travel destinations.

Thanks for reading, M. :)

Our pitch in a camping in Croatia
Am scris acum ceva timp un articol despre ce ar trebui să știi atunci când vrei să mergi într-un camping din Croația. Dacă vrei să afli mai multe, îl găsești aici. Astăzi, o să răspund întrebării: de ce să stai într-un camping în Croația? În plus, o să îți arăt câteva imagini, pentru a-ți face o...
The view over Dubrovnik- The King's Landing
I don't think I would exaggerate if I'd say that Dubrovnik is only famous, now, because of Game of Thrones. Let me tell you why. I visited Dubrovnik this year, and man...this is one of a hell city. So damn beautiful, nothing bad to say about that. The old citadel is amazing, it feels...
When you're visiting a new country, one of the questions is, of course, what should you visit first? So was the case for use when visiting Croatia. And, if one of your dilemmas is what to choose between Split and Zadar, I've got you covered. Because, this is what I'm going to talk about, in this article....
Oh, I wish I could have found an useful article about the camping in Croatia before going in my two weeks trip. Although, the internet just seemed to be filled in with unnecessary information. At least for what I wanted to know. But, in this article, I will try to offer you all the information you need about the costs, the...

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