Oh, I wish I could have found an useful article about the camping in Croatia before going in my two weeks trip.

Although, the internet just seemed to be filled in with unnecessary information. At least for what I wanted to know.

But, in this article, I will try to offer you all the information you need about the costs, the facilities and how to book your pitch in a camping in Croatia.

Let’s start with the beginning.

Before going in Croatia, you want, of course, to know what are your options. There is this website where you can type in any region of Croatia and you will see all the available campsites around that particular area.

But, there are two main problems:

  1. You need to know where the areas are situated (I didn’t)
  2. You need to know which area are you visiting (again, I wasn’t sure)

So, it’s pretty hard to choose something.

It’s also inconvenient to book a pitch when you don’t have a fixed schedule. Like us. More then this, when you make the reservation, it charges you immediately, so we didn’t want that either.

In conclusion, the website wasn’t that quite good because we wanted something simple, a clear guide to help us understand the prices and an easy way to book a pitch (without paying in advance).

In the end, we didn’t book anything in advance. We just made a list with a few campsites around the cities that we wanted to visit and went directly there to see which camping is suitable for us.

We had an idea on how the campsites may look like and how could we spend the time there, but, in the same time, we didn’t have big expectations. We stayed in two campsites, one close to Plitvice Lakes and and another one in Sibenik, more in the South. 

They were both great and I will make sure to leave the links for both at the end of the article.

So, this article is for you, the one who’s interested in going to Croatia to stay in a camping, maybe, for the first time and doesn’t know where to start.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The best campsites in Croatia are in the Northern part. Here you will the best facilities campsites and amazing beaches. Once you descend to the South, the options for campsites are fewer. In Dubrovnik, for example, there is only one camping. We didn’t like that one, comparing to what we found close to Plitvice Lakes.
  • Depending on the camping, the prices are calculated either by pitch, either by the space that you occupy in the camp. For the ones with pitches (most of them), it doesn’t matter how many cars or tents do you have, the price is fixed. For the other ones, if you have only a tent, you can choose your spot whenever you want, but you will only pay for that particular tent. If you also have a car, then, you pay extra. In both cases, depending on the period of the year when you travel, you will pay a city tax/person.

Here is an example:

*Registration fee: 1,00 Eur paid once per a person

So, if 2 people will choose a pitch in the zone A superior (closer to the beach) between 25.05-14.06 for 3 nights, the total price will be 122 euros.

  • Once you check in a camping, your passport will be kept at the reception until check out. In case you travel from the EU and normally, you wouldn’t need a passport, but I would advise you to take it with you.
  • Depending on each camping, here are some of the facilities that you may get: toilet facilities with warm water (shower, toilet, toilet for the disabled, wash-basins, sinks, laundry wash-tubs, pet cleaning areas, washing machine), wireless Internet , super market, souvenir shop, beach equipment shop, restaurant, playground, electricity. Practically, you have anything you need to stay there for weeks.
  • Either you travel with a trailer or just have a tent, keep in mind that you will need a power adapter. We found one in the super market of the camping, so another reason to understand that you may find anything you need there.
  • Speaking about the needed accessories, if you have a tent, you should know that most of the campsites don’t have soft ground, therefore, when you’ll use the metal tent stakes, you will need a rubber hammer. We didn’t have one, but someone in the camp was so nice to help us out. Some of them, were impossible to stake into the group, so we used some big rocks as support.
  • The best advise when picking up a camping is to visit it before. Although, not everyone will allow you to see it. When we couldn’t see it, we moved out to the next one, where we could choose our spot and see the facilities before making a decision.
Camping in Croatia

Even if we planned to stay more in Croatia, we only had the chance to stay in two campsites during a 10 days trip, which I would both totally recommend:

  1. Korana Camping. It is very close to the Plitvice National Park and it’s totally worth it. Travelling in June, was definitely, a good choice as the campsites are not that busy, so we could choose our pitch whenever we wanted. The camping is offering you also free transportation to the Natural Park. For more details click here.
  2. Solaris Camping Beach Resort. This is a place where you should stay for at least a week. The facilities are great, everything is super clean and the beach is 2 minutes walk from your pitch. It is close to
    Šibenik city and Krka National Park. If you don’t get the chance to visit Plitvice Natural Park, Krka is always a good idea as well. If you want to know more, click here.

I, honestly, enjoyed more then I expected to stay in a camping. It was such a nice experience and a bit different then my other trips. I also felt like the time, was, somehow, longer. Which was great 🙂 I will dedicate a whole article to this topic soon.

I hope you will find this article useful and please let me know about your experience, if you ever stayed in a camping in Croatia.

Thanks for reading, M 🙂



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