I’m sure that one of the cities on the bucket list from Spain is Barcelona. But this year, I had the occasion to go to other cities too, during the two weeks vacation, including Valencia. And this is what I’m writing today about, how to organize the perfect day in Valencia.

I’m usually, not super impressed about what I visit, but In Valencia, our first full day had something special. And even if it might look like a regular travel day for others, for me, it meant the discovery of the city in a super nice way.

We woke up, had the breakfast, then we rented a bike and started our way to know Valencia. The first stop was at Llotja de la Seda, meaning the Silk Exchange. It’s one of the most famous gothic buildings in Europe and it was like the proper place to exchange silk and other goods during the XV century.

Entrance: free.

Then, we went through the park of Valencia, which is, I must say, the most beautiful and impressive parks I’ve ever been to. It’s almost all along the city and it has nice trees and flowers of all kinds, a lot of green spots and different alleys for bikes and runners. I noticed that this is the proper place to come and have a workshop or do some sport. You might ask…ok, but this is not what you normally do in a park? Yes, but something is telling me that this park has something special. And you should come to take a walk here. Everything is part of a beautiful tropical landscape. Also free.

Directly from the park, we arrived at Sciences Museum (Museu de les Ciences). As the name says, this is the museum where the science is explained, in a very entertaining way, it is like a game. We had a lot of fun during about 3 hours (there are three floors to visit) and I can’t imagine how much fun you can have with the kids. So bring them with you, there are a lot of interesting things to be discovered.

We also wanted to go to Hemispheric, “special cinema” experience and we chose the movie “The secret of the Universe”. We are talking about an IMAX&3D cinema in a huge complex. Even if the whole experience can give you some dizziness, I think it’s unique and worth to be checked out. For The Hemispheric you need to choose only one movie and I would recommend the one we saw if you are without kids. If you go with the kids, check out their animations options.

Ticket price: Museu de les Ciences + Hemispheric- 6 euros/person. We had luck, because they have this promotion until 23rd June, during the working days. During the weekends, the price is 12 euros/person for these two.

After this, we took the bike and rode to the beach, and omg I so enjoyed it. It was sunny and I had a really nice vibe on that day, so I enjoyed every minute of it.

We took a late lunch, took a bath in the sea, enjoyed the sun for about an hour and then, we rode back in the city. But before that, we spend some time in the park, on the grass.

We returned the bikes at about 8 PM. So, we had a full day with wonderful new experiences.

Yes, it was hot, about 29-30 degrees, but we also stayed inside, during the visit to the museum and we also had the opportunity to go through the park, so, we didn’t felt it that much.

For some reason, Valencia gave me the “home” feeling. I think I was blending in pretty fast and at a certain point, I even wanted to “reserve” me some time, to just stay and relax (in the park of course), just like I would do in my hometown. I think it’s wonderful to have this particular love for some places and from this holiday, mine will definitely remain Valencia. Maybe other cities will follow, but we shall see. A new week with new experiences is waiting for us.

If you’re planning to travel to Valencia soon, this can be your guide for one full day. Or two, if you prefer to do it a bit slower.

Thanks for reading, M.



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