I never wrote about visiting Paris and Notre-Dame, even if this was one of my first trips abroad and it still remains one of  my greatest travel memories.

I don’t know why I’m writing about this today. Maybe the recent news about Notre-Dame made me realize how lucky I was to see it before burning. And the only thing that I could say about Notre-Dame is that this cathedral is a lot more beautiful than I expected.

Its size is colossal, much larger than it seems in the pictures, there are so many details inside and outside that make you wander what a great talent could create this piece of art. In a few words, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the great Gothic architecture of Notre-Dame.

Yes, I was so lucky to have the chance to see it. And through this article, I want to emphasize this idea of getting the chance to live something that may be unique in your life. And this is not only about monuments, buildings or places. It’s also about the experience. The new experience that shouldn’t be put on stand by.

Today is about you deciding to fulfill one desire that you have in mind for so long. That one particular desire that should happen today. Because, tomorrow may be too late. And it may not be because of you.

The fire at Notre-Dame is just one of the signs that even the most beautiful things in the world have an end. Well, I know, the building is still standing. And it will always be one of the main symbols of France, no matter what.

What we all need to know though, is that we should say yes more often. Yes to a new adventure. Yes to going abroad, to meeting new people. Yes to the things that we are afraid of. Yes to what really makes us really happy.

Travelling to Paris was an amazing experience for me. I walked tens of km, I tried the local food, I saw the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame, and I had the best childish experience in Disneyland.

I don’t know when I will come back in Paris, but this city remains special in my heart.

Merci d’avoir lu cet article, M.  <3

PS: Oui, je parle le fran├žais



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