Wow, time really flies and we can already say: Winter Summer is coming!

I, personally, love this season. Tiny clothes, sunny days, parties, concerts, beach, anything is great about summer! And, obviously, it’s my favorite time of the year to plan a vacation 🙂

I know you’re waiting for it as well and I bet you’re already thinking where to go. So, here are my suggestions with the best summer vacation spots for 2019:

  • First thing first, yes, as you expected: Greece.I know, it kind of became “everyone’s destination” in Europe, but we all know why. The beaches in Greece are amazing and there are options for everyone. Either you want to go with your kids, for parties or just looking for a relaxing island, Greece has it all. I went on a Greek island two years ago for the first time and I chose Samos. It’s a small island and I would recommend it if you want to get ride of the crowd or the nightlife agitation. You can find out more about this island here.
  • Puglia or Apulia (the South of Italy). As far as I know, most people want to go in the North, being a bit fearful about the South. But, take a look here to see what you’re loosing. Puglia has so much to offer: wonderful and historical small cities (so much different than what you see in the North), amazing food and great beaches. If you want to explore this area as much as possible, I would recommend you to rent a car.
  • Tel Aviv, Israel. Or, better said: “the Miami of Asia” it’s peeeeerfect for the beach lovers. I’ve just checked the forecast and the temperature in Tel Aviv is 37 degrees today. Even if in some of the European countries, the temperatures in May are still under 20 degrees, not the case for Israel. So the summer in Israel starts early. Why should you go there? Well, it’s a super modern city, with huge buildings, amazing food culture, great beaches (perfect for surfers) and extravagant parties. Plus, aren’t you curious to visit one of the most controversial countries in the world? The city is pretty expensive though, click here for more details.
  • Istanbul, Turkey, one of the biggest cities, situated on two continents will be the right choice for the city lovers. This is actually, one of my favorites destinations where I’ve ever been to. It’s complex, with so many things to do and see and I bet it’s great to visit during the summer. I was there in March, but it was quite cold. I would think the period June- September may be better. Imagine how nice would that be to have dinner on the shore of Bosphorus?
  • Hey, mountain lovers, I didn’t forget about you! I have some tips for everyone. So, if you wanna spend your summer in nature, go on hiking, see some amazing landscapes in a beautiful country, just go in North Macedonia. This country is famous for its mountains and I’m sure you won’t be less excited than I was, after visiting it. I wrote some articles about my experience in North Macedonia here, so I hope it will help you out.

Well, my beloved readers, I hope you will find this article useful. And I wish you to have one of your best summers ever!

And if you wonder where I’ll go this summer…well, stay tuned, it will
soon be revealed!

Any doubts, questions, remarks? Anything!? Leave a comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading, M.



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