11 flights, 15 cities, 3 countries – this is what I’ve seen in a year:) isn’t that bad, right?

I think the article that I write at the end of the year is my favorite. I love to look behind, draw a line and say: here is where I’ve traveled this year. Without too much introduction, I’d like to show you how 2018 was for me and damn, it was a great one:

I couldn’t travel in the first two months of the year, so my first holiday was in March directly to Turkey, Istanbul. I wanted so much to get there and it finally happened. I returned so excited about this trip and Istanbul actually, became my favorite destination. Check my articles about my travel to Istanbul here.

views from Istanbul

Same month, a city break to Brasov. This is the city where I will always come back with pleasure as I still discover new places all the time, new restaurants to go to or new activities that bring me joy. I just love Brasov so much!


The chosen summer destination this year was: Puglia, the South of Italy, a surprisingly beautiful area. Not just beautiful, but perfect! It gives you everything you need: sun, sea, landscapes, delicious food, spectacular cities. If you want to read more about this destination, click here.


I chose to celebrate my birthday in Sighisoara, a colorful, small, but chic city. During my 3 days trip I visited a cemetery, a wonderful 16th century Castle, I rode a horse and slept on a bench, under the clear sky, in the center of Sighisoara. Here is where I also ate for the first time in my life a pizza-dessert.


Planned a long time ago, my travel in Maramures became real this year. I spent 5 days in one of the most famous areas of Romania. How I felt in Maramures, you can find out here. On my way to Maramures I also made a stop in Cluj and Sibiu.


I spent a weekend in Poiana Marului with some friends. It was a quiet weekend, but nice as I spend a quality time, being surrounded by nature and fresh air.


The only hike that I could do this year on Ciucas peak. We had a wonderful, sunny weather, and the landscapes were prettier than I expected. It’s worth the effort of about 8 hours hiking, just to see this:


My first time traveling to Timisoara. It was one of the cities that I wanted to see since I was a child, and it looks like wishes come true sooner or later. Here I wrote more about what you can visit in Timisoara in few days.


Spending the New Year’s Eve in Tel Aviv is just wow for me! I never had the experience to spend the last Night of the Year in such a different country and I enjoy every minute of it. This is the travel of the year for me and I promise to take advantage of everything that this wonderful city has to offer.

Besides traveling, I tried some new activities this year: riding, kayaking, boxing, I also tried new cafes or different meals. Even if you cannot travel that much, you can still transform your daily activities in unique experiences.

Traveling is about doing something new, making new friends, eating the local food, learning a new language or exploring a new place. I bet you can do that in your own city or country. The magic of traveling is, sometimes, to just give another perspective of the things that you already know.

Do I have plans for 2019? Tons! The world is waiting for me, so stay tuned, there is so much to see! I’ll share, I promise!

How 2018 was for you?

Happy New Year and thank you for reading! 🙂



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