20 pictures to inspire you to go hiking
20 pictures to inspire you to go hiking

Either you chose to go hiking on winter or summer, the mountains have always a lot to offer. Peace, amazing landscapes, great adventures, fresh air and good workout, you will have all these in one experience.

I’m not a hiking professional, but I enjoyed the beauty of nature every time I went in the mountains. If you want to check out my post about hiking, click here.

For the first experience, it is very important to align your expectations with the physical effort. I’m not sure if I did it, but I know exactly that every time I came back with sore muscles.

Who said that hiking is easy? Well…no one! But i guess, everyone agrees that this can be a nice way to  reconnect with the nature.

Check out my favorite photos when I was hiking in Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains in Romania.

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