I love to travel… (LOL, what a secret) but, being gone during the weekends can sometimes, be tiring. In a way or another, I need to use some tricks against fatigue and not act like a zombie during the week. Also, going abroad several times a year, helped me to learn a lot about the “smart traveling” part. So lately, I discovered some cool things that you may not know about and you may need while traveling.

You can thank me later for sharing these items with you that will make your travels easier, more pleasant and less tiring.

  • Paper Soap – this is a tiny soap, for a single use, so it’s exactly what you need when you are in the middle of nowhere. It is super useful especially, for backpackers. It is small, easy and practical. I bought mine from Jumbo and believe me, it’s useful to have it in your bag.
  • Revolut Card- this card is amazing! It helps you exchange, transfer and pay in the local currency (depending on the country you’re in) and the commission is not big at all. I used it in Israel to exchange from RON to shekel, and it was super easy. The exchange rate is usually, less than what you get in an exchange center. Find out more about it here.
  •  Travel Scarf and Money belt- During a trip, a lot of things could happen, for example to be rubbed. That’s why it would be nice to take all the measures before you go some place, maybe “not so friendly”. This item is keeping your money and documents close to your body, so you will have a much peaceful holiday.
  • Universal Power Adapter- not all the countries have the same plugs, so this would be a proper item to purchase. If you travel pretty often, I’m sure you will use it more then once.

  •  Compression socks- Especially, when I visit a big city, I walk a lot: about 20-25 km/per day. If you usually are a walker, you know that your legs may feel super tiring at the end of the day. These compression socks prevent the swelling, the pain and also, improve the blood circulation. They are also good if you fly a lot. For women, there is also the option of stockings compression (usually used by the flight attendants).
  •  The cabin approved travel bottles- No matter if I travel by plane or by car, these bottles are always space saving. You don’t need the whole shampoo bottle/shower gel for just few days of travel.These items are also mandatory for picking up only the necessary.
  • Pillow travel- Is the best thing you can have on a long flight or even in the car, on a long ride. You can find it in different colors and it would always be a nice present for a traveler.
  • Rain jacket- it is so much practical comparing to an umbrella and it protects you more from the rain and wind. So put it in your luggage, so never know when you’ll need it.
  •  A headlamp- the mountain lovers know what I’m talking about and how necessary this item can be, especially if you go on an adventure to a remote place and you come back during the night.
  • A backpack- I never leave without one during my travels, because you always need to carry things with you. Either you go in a new city or hiking, a backpack for “small things” is just a must have.

I hope that all these items will be useful for your next vacations or adventures and don’t hesitate to leave in comments any other idea on what to bring with you when traveling.

I so much appreciate your time of reading this article, thanks, M.



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